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“There are so many children in our community at risk. Every day, CGC works with vulnerable children and their families to help them early before these challenges turn into life-threatening situations. We also have special programming for the children and families of our veterans here in Orange County. Never has this been more important to our local and global communities,” said Lori Pack, CEO of CGC.

If Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, or The Wizard of Oz spark childhood memories of magical possibility and wonder, please consider supporting our Sunday, December 8th at the Balboa Bay Resort as we celebrate the “Magic of Childhood” at the 37th Annual Holiday Tree Fantasy event to benefit Child Guidance Center of Orange County.

Our recent 5th Annual Month of the Military Child Celebration was a resounding success. From the moment that the children and families walked past registration, they were surprised and delighted at every turn.
CGC's Director of Training was published in this month's edition of National Association of School Psychology (NASP) Communiqué.
Thanks to funding from Mission Hospital, Child Guidance Center is now able to provide low-cost mental health services in English and Spanish to South County families who do not qualify for mental health services under MediCal.
As a parent, consider all the opportunities for creative playtime. Here are eight ideas to vary your children’s play and help them express themselves.
Learn how important it is for children to express themselves through play. 
Journaling is a great way to end a busy day by encouraging children to reflect, develop their own identity, nurture their creativity, and build communication and writing skills.
The 35th Annual Holiday Tree Fantasy was a great success raising close to $150,000 for innovative mental and behavioral health services for vulnerable children, youth and young adults.
For many Orange County families, Child Guidance Center is a safe haven that truly makes the difference in the lives of children in my community.
Lynda Akiyama, a licensed clinical social worker who started at Child Guidance Center’s Fullerton honored as the “Shining Star”.
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